Reef Scene; unglazed porcelain, silver smalti, shells, vitreous glass, marble, glass rounds
24" diameter sand dollar shaped wall medallion; shells, vitreous glass, unglazed porcelain
Gold Fish table; vitreous glass, stained glass, copper
Kokopelli figures on sculpted form; stone, vitreous glass, gold, silver smalti
Memories Box; personal charms and jewelry, broken china, vitreous glass
Prattville Street scene; broken plates, vitreous glass, glass half marbles, wall tile
10" x 10" portrait of Skipperke in bright light; vitreous glass
Catitude - unglazed porcelain and vitreous glass; 9 x 12
Poppies 36 x 36 backsplash; unglazed porcelain, stained glass, vitreous glass, mille fiori
Small over the stove mosaic of daisies, butterflies
Autumn Hillside - 17" x 21" table top: glazed porcelain; wood table base by Jeff Dutton
Nightengale of Paradise, Jackson Hospital Maternity Wing: 6 ft x 7 ft mosaic mural; glazed ceramic tile

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Enid Probst
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Genre Scenes
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Shop Dog- glass, porcelain; 9 x 9 inch SOLD
Beach Walker - white gold, glass, porcelain, stone; 9 x 9 inch
Sidewalk Chatter - stone, glass, porcelain, pyrite; 9 x 9
Girl with Beaded Hair - smalti, glass beads; 18 x 14 inch SOLD
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Public and Community Projects

Pine Burr Quilt Mosaic, 2007 Year of Alabama Arts Logo
Completion of 2009 Italian Cultural Exchange
Pathway mosaic 
Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn, Alabama
Pathway mosaic 
Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn, Alabama
ED Nixon Community Center mosaic bench
Sorority Benchs and Stepping Stones Party, 2010
Fountain City Art Festival
Fountain City Art Festival
Emerson Street Full of LIfe Community Garden Wall - mosaic 4 ft x 15 ft; glazed tile, broken plates, glass tile, bottles. Completed 2014
Chisolm Boys and Girls Club after school art class; sponsored by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art. 
20 inches by 30 inches hand made ceramic flowers and glazed tiles.
Contemporary Stone Mosaics
Wetumpka - schist and pieces of quartz vein from Wetumpka Alabama
Twins - Bladed calcite clusters, Hollis Quartzite (Auburn Alabama), slate
Flow Zone - Hollis Quartzite (Auburn Alabama), red slate
Elemental - black slate, dendritic copper, tooled copper
Pottsville Sandstone and Waxahatchee slate from Alabama Plateau and Valley and Ridge
Warrior II - Sandstone, slate
Warrior I - Sandstone, slate, glass, quartzite